5 Reasons to Consider Per Diem Nursing

5 Reasons to Consider Per Diem Nursing

If you’re tired of practicing nursing with limited freedom and flexibility, then consider working as a per diem nurse. With new technology, per diem work is a more viable option than ever for nursing professionals. There are a few key reasons why per diem nursing is worth considering. 

1. Work When You Want

One of the great benefits of working per diem is that you can work when you want. you have the option to decline a shift when it conflicts with other things in your life. So if you have a family gathering or a holiday approaching that’s important to you, you don’t have to fear that you’ll be assigned a shift during that time, and contractually obliged to fill it. 

2. Work Where You Want

Unlike full-time work for a facility, per diem nursing allows you the freedom to work where you want. Choosing when you work can free up the time to work per diem with other facilities, or through an agency. It’s easy to experience burnout when you work at the same place, doing the same tasks, with the same people. Nursing professionals often feel like their careers are stuck in the same place when working at the same facility, and there’s no income or experience mobility for them. So working where you want allows you to explore new facilities, give you the opportunity to float, adding new experiences to your resumé, and give you higher income potential.

3. Start A Side Gig

Per diem nursing allows you to work part-time as a nurse, leaving a lot of time to engage in another activity or profession. Whether it’s becoming a bartender at a local bar, freelance writing on nursing blogs, or starting your own online knitting business, the options are nearly endless! Having a side gig can give your life a little extra excitement and can keep you satisfied with both your nursing profession and side gig. Plus the extra earning potential can give you further career options in the future. If having a side gig still doesn’t sound like an exciting possibility, hear from LPN and IntelyPro, Shakira Hodge, from Ohio in our IntelyPro Spotlight Series.

4. Go Where The Pay Is Greatest

Instead of being stuck with a base salary, you can choose to work where the pay rate is highest. If you see that a particular facility pays higher than another, there’s no reason not to prioritize shifts that pay higher. You may also find that a certain facility has the work environment you prefer, whether it’s friendly staff or smooth operations. And oftentimes it’s worth it to work at the place you feel comfortable in even if it means a hectic schedule or uncompetitive pay rates. If that’s the case for you, then consider opting for the Book Me feature, which allows your favorite facility to book you for multiple shifts at the same location. 

5. New Ways To Work Per Diem

New technology can give you the benefits and support of a full-time nursing gig the freedom of per diem nursing. One of the usual drawbacks of per diem nursing is lack of stability. Traditionally, you have to sacrifice a steady paycheck to take advantage of the freedom and opportunities that per diem nursing provides. If you’re living in an area with fewer facilities, there is less of a guarantee that there will be a shift out there to work when you want to. So it’s easy to see how this can be a big risk for many nurses. However, with the new technology that IntelyCare harnesses, you can take that risk out of the equation. Our intelligent app curates shifts for you to choose from based on your location and desired pay, letting you  know what shift opportunities are out there, decreasing the day-to-day risk of not knowing when a shift will open up.


With IntelyCare, you’ll find the freedom and flexibility of per diem nursing, with the stability and benefits that you deserve. Are you ready to transform the way you work? Become an IntelyPro today!





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